When two educators moved out of the schools and on to help students reach their future goals, Propel was born.  We want you to Propel Smart into your future!
Picture of Megan and Christy, Educational Consultants

Who We Are:

Megan has worked in the field of education for 12 years.  She lives in Loudoun County with her husband, 2 dazzling daughters, 3 dogs, and chickens.  She is passionate about doing what is right for students and helping them find their best path forward!

IECA Associate Member


Christy has worked in education for 12 years. She lives in Fairfax County with her husband, 3 amazing kids and a crazy dog.  Her greatest joy is watching students discover more about themselves and realize how much potential they have!  She enjoys working with families to help them in the transition that propels their child from high school to their future. Christy is a member of PCACAC
IECA Associate Member



What We Do:

We work with students as young as 3-years-old through high school.

Our younger students, we explore their strengths and weaknesses and present accommodations that may help them succeed in an educational setting.

Our high school students will work with us to discover their best selves and present those to colleges, internships, and future employers.  We help them discover their strengths, explore their interests and reach new goals, as they work with us through a comprehensive career and college planning program.  We want students to achieve success during college and beyond.

We work with all students regardless of their grades or background.  We enjoy working with students with learning differences and providing guidance as they transition from high school to college. If you have any questions at all please reach out to us, we are happy to talk with you.  


We Come to You

We know you’re busy!  Students have homework, activities, and jobs.  Parents work, chauffeur, and juggle helping their students in every aspect of their lives.  It’s hard to sit down to dinner let alone add in another place you need to go.  We come to you or to a public location near you.  We want to reduce your stress not add to it.  Many of our sessions within our college and career planning program are also available as virtual meetings.