How Many Times Can I take the SATs?

     The short answer…as many times as you want to. A question to ask yourself is: at what point the stress and time spent on the SATs is hurting other areas of your college prep process?  Students can start taking the SATs as freshman, although many wait until the spring of their junior year.  Think about your schedule.  In the spring will you be taking AP courses, playing sports, performing in the school musical?  If so, then maybe you would benefit from taking a prep course over the summer and then taking the SATs in the fall of your junior year.  While the SATs are offered 7 times per year, taking them in October, November, or December would give you time to take them, receive your scores, and retake them if needed.  Scores take 17-22 days to process, and once you have the score you are shooting for, then you can focus on your busy spring schedule before jumping into the application season with us the summer before your senior year.

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