Career Counseling:

Price includes:

  • Psychometric Testing
  • Interest Inventory
  • Career Exploration
    • Assistance in locating a job shadow or a mentor in the career field to speak with you
    • Advice on job hunt/internships
  • Resume support
    • Walk you through writing your resume
      • Assistance in presenting your experience and skills
  • Assistance in locating programs to help client get started or ahead in the field

Price: $600*

Comprehensive College and Career Counseling Package:

Price includes but is not limited to:

  • Career Counseling mentioned above
  • Goal Setting
  • Building a college list
    • Identifying programs of study that fit students career goals
    • Identifying schools that meet the student’s physical, social, emotional needs/desires
    • Estimating cost and deciding if schools meet with family’s financial goals
  • One-on-one essay counseling
    • Develop ideas
    • Work on writing technique
    • Edit essays
  • Advice and reassurance while filling out FAFSA and Applications
  • Keep student on track with deadlines
  • Meetings to discuss what to expect in college
    • Email etiquette with professors
    • Differences between college and high school
    • Budgeting money and time
    • Roommate Etiquette
  • Someone to listen and assist communication between parent and student

Price: $4800

10-Hour Package

Price includes:

  • 10 hours of our time to be used to guide you in whatever areas you feel you need assistance.
  • You can pick and choose from the package above the tasks that are most daunting to you and we will help you.
  • You choose how to use these hours and contact us when you are ready to use them.

Price: $2000*

*If you use our services for smaller packages and choose to upgrade to the comprehensive package we will roll your previous cost into the comprehensive package.


You can hire us on an hourly basis to work for you in the same way as the 10 hour package
if you only wish to use a couple of hours.

Price: $250/hour